Nostalgically packed with a characterful appearance - in design, as well as in taste - so to speak "reloaded". Unfiltered, originally and thus also as an export-type somewhat edgy tart, because soft and sweet! But never bitter, but drunk directly from the bottle, refreshing invigorating. Only available in selected stores or directly from the brewery! A real farm beer - down-to-earth, traditional and original! Ask for it



Entrepreneurial success has many faces. This is also true for breweries. Claudia Sieben, owner of the brewery in 6th generation can look back at 165 years of successful company history together with managing director Ralf Rakel. Each era had its own challenges.

In 1845 Carl Fidelis Graf had chosen the right location and laid the foundation for the Gastropub brewery. He also established highly important contacts to the Duke of Hohenzollern. His son Hermann Graf introduced electricity into the brewery in the 1890’s – that time a revolutionary innovation.