The full wheaty taste of Benediktiner Weissbier is complemented by a bright amber colour, uniform opacity and a light foam head with extra-fine bubbles.

All the while balancing a gentle tingling and citrusy effervescence, this is specialty beer at its most expressive.

ABV: 5.4%   |  STYLE: Full Beer



A dark white beer that’s fresh, Benedictine Weissbier Dark is brewed using traditional methods to produce an exciting taste that lingers on the palate. The intense color, sweet scent and gentle bitter aroma create a characteristic taste experience. 

ABV: 5.4%   |  STYLE: Dunkel



A typical Bavarian style lager that’s golden yellow in color, with a pleasant malty sweetness balanced by a little dryness. The particularly special taste of Benediktiner Hell is delicately effervescent, malty sweet with gentle notes of hops, notes of fruitiness and aromatic herbs. An intensely enjoyable taste!

 ABV:5%   |  STYLE: Hell



A light and elegant wheat beer with zero alcohol: Benediktiner Weissbier Alcohol-free is nonetheless still full of flavour! Perfect for quenching your thirst and rehydrating, its isotonic nature makes it perfect for after sport by replacing lost water, salts and sugars. Benediktiner Weissbier Alcohol-free is also vitamin-rich and low in calories, meaning there’s nothing stopping you enjoying the intense wheat flavour and unmistakable taste.

ABV: < 0.5%   |  STYLE: Alcohol-free Wheat 


Keeping calm, making time to do good things, taking the greatest care with everything, and having respect for everything and everyone. These values are key to the way of life for Benedictine monks, and these principles also characterise the production and enjoyment of Benediktiner beer. Both our top-fermented Benediktiner Weissbier (wheat beer) and our bottom-fermented Benediktiner Hell lager are brewed follow original traditional recipes from Benedictine monks, using local brewing yeast from the town of Ettal and overseen by a special brewery guard. Forming an extraordinarily good experience, Benediktiner beers are so close to heaven, but still no stranger to earth.