Agave Lager

4.2% Alcohol 

An original beverage. Created to introduce the earthenoven-smoked agave into a beer recipe, this lager takes the dark caramel and smokiness of the agave heart into the brew’s lineage to create a refreshingly different lager. 

 STYLE: Lager

Golden Ale


Balance. A bold beer for itsABV, our clean house yeast propels the grainy malt aroma with some bread notes out from the white, compact head. The hops come through as citrus and seasoned herbs.

 STYLE: Golden Ale

Brown Ale


Dark caramel. A malthead’s session-ready beer, this mahogany brew sends toasted bread, clear and dark caramel and alight roastiness, as gourmet coffee, into the lucky atmosphere.

STYLE: Brown Ale



Hop festival. The aromatics inthis beer were designed as a pyramid, with the foundations set by delicate Vienna malts, then a layer of pine and resin, with a middle of citrus and stone fruits and then a sharp peak of Citra’s dankness